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Emilie Snell-Rood

Associate Professor  

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Main office: 612-624-7238
Lab office: 612-626-6917
Lab: 612-626-6836

Tim Mitchell

Research Associate

roadside pollinator development and conservation 

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Amanda Hund

McDonnell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow

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Aamod Zambre

PhD Candidate

I am fascinated by the myriad colors observed in nature and am interested in understanding how animals produce and perceive these colors and how they use them to communicate with each other

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Alex Shephard

PhD Candidate

I draw on concepts from aging and toxicology research to study evolutionary and plastic responses to anthropogenic stressors.

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Lauren Agnew

Graduate Student

pollinators-entomology-anthropogenic change-pollination ecology-habitat

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Charlotte Devitz

PhD Student

urban behavioral ecology-behavioral syndromes-mammals




Sarah Jaumann

Meredith Steck

Megan Kobiela

Eli Swanson

Kristin Sikkink

Sean Ehlman




Brandom Semke

nutrition of roadside plants for pollinators 


Ashley Darst

roadside habitat for pollinators


Alexandra Struble

heavy metals and butterfly immunity


Jeanna Edlund

heavy metals and butterfly immunity