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Emilie Snell-Rood

Associate Professor
Main office: 612-624-7238
Lab office: 612-626-6917
Lab: 612-626-6836

Kristin Sikkink

Postdoctoral Researcher

developmental genetic mechanisms in the evolution of plasticity and genetic assimilation of induced traits

Tim Mitchell

Postdoctoral Researcher

effects of early life stress on life history, performance and sex allocation, website

Megan Kobiela

PhD Candidate

understanding behavioral and evolutionary responses of animals to anthropogenic change

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Meredith Steck

PhD Candidate

nutritional variation, plant-insect interactions and the evolution of specialization


Aamod Zambre

Graduate student

I am fascinated by the myriad colors observed in nature and am interested in understanding how animals produce and perceive these colors and how they use them to communicate with each other

Alex Shephard

Graduate student


Lauren Agnew

Research Associate/Field Technician




Katie Johnston

I'm a fourth year biology major in CBS. I am on the pre-med track so that I (hopefully) end up in medical school to become a physician. In the Snell-Rood lab, I've done a little bit of everything from dissecting to measuring every part of the butterfly to watering plants. It has been such an awesome experience in the butterfly lab. Outside of school, I love reading, listening to music, and watching movies. I am also a Disney fanatic, so I am always down to listen to Disney music in lab.

Andres Rivera Cruz

Nutrition of roadside plants for pollinators


Ross Screaton

Effects of sodium on butterfly development


Laura Wagner

Effects of sodium on butterfly development


Carolyn Kalinowski

Effects of anthropogenic sodium change on butterfly behavior and development

Cali McGauley

Effects of dietary sodium on monarch development + mutagens in plants

Annika Herdtle

Environmmental variation and signaling in lizards

Ali Sakhar

2017 UROP -- effects of dietary sodium on flight in monarchs


Kaitlyn Knutson

2017 UROP -- effects of social context on egg laying


Regina Peters

Flies in turbulence