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David Tilman, PI

David Tilman is Regents' Professor and McKnight Presidential Chair in Ecology at the University of Minnesota, where he also serves as Director of the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve. In addition to being on the faculty at the University of Minnesota, Tilman holds an appointment as Professor in the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara.


Jane Catford, Post-Doc

Adam Clark, Graduate Student

Mike Clark, Graduate Student

George Furey, Graduate Student

Kaitlin Kimmel, Graduate Student




Matt Burgess, Graduate Student

Seth Binder, Post-Doc

Jane Cowles, Graduate Student

Forest Isbell, Post-Doc

Margaret Kosmala, Graduate Student

Rachel Putnam, Graduate Student

Alex Reich, Graduate Student

Kate Thompson, Junior Scientist

Peter Wragg, Graduate Student