Biophysics Week


Biophysics Week

The Biophysical Society is hosting the 2nd annual Biophysics Week this week (March 6‒10), with the goals of research celebration, public awareness, and national advocacy. UMN is hosting a two-day Biophysics Week event co-sponsored by the Biophysical Technology Center (BMBB) and the Division of Biological Physics (School of Physics and Astronomy).

On Thursday March 9, the Division of Biological Physics will host a formal seminar with an external speaker (Thomas Gregor from Princeton University). On Friday March 10, the Biophysical Technology Center will host a lunch seminar with two speakers (Elias Puchner from Biological Physics, and Greg Gillispie from Fluorescence Innovation, Inc), including free lunch and lab tours afterwards.

Details are listed below. All are welcome; registration is not needed. Please contact Elias Puchner ( and Mike Autry ( for further information.

Thursday March 9:  120 PAN at 10:10 am

“How the physics of enhancers shapes development”

Thomas Gregor, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physics, Princeton University

Friday March 10:  1-136 NHH at 11:00 am

11:00 am

“Opening remarks”

David Thomas, PhD, Biophysical Society Fellow and Biophysical Journal Editorial Board, BTC Founding Director and William F. Dietrich Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics, UMN

11:10 am

“Tracking organelle and signaling complex maturation by counting biomolecules with super-resolution microscopy in cells”

Elias Puchner, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biological Physics, School of Physics and Astronomy, UMN

11:35 am

“The union of high-throughput and high performance for protein biophysics"

Gregory Gillispie, PhD, President and Founder, Fluorescence Innovations, Inc.

12:00 pm

Lunch and beverages will be served

12:15-1:00 pm

Lab Tours  (attendee choice)

  • Fluorescence Innovations (2-155 JacH)
  • Elias Puchner Lab  (481 PAN)
  • Biophysical Technology Center  (1-125 NHH)