Area of expertise

Our optical instruments can be used for a diverse range of applications by measuring either UV/VIS absorbance, steady-state fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, time-resolved phosphorescence, and circular dichroism spectra. We have instruments for both static and kinetic reads. The BTC members have a long history of using these instruments in their studies. To improve the high-throughput capabilities of our optical plate readers, we also provide non-contact liquid dispensers. Recently, the BTC members have expanded their expertise to developing fluorescent biosensors for early stage high-throughput drug discovery. In addition to our optical instruments, we also provide training and consultation services for Photonic Pharma's fluorescence lifetime and spectral plate readers. Further, we can provide assay plates preloaded with compounds from one of our compound libraries (> 100,000 compounds). Please contact us for further details. 


UV/VIS absorbance

Steady-state fluorescence

Time resolved fluorescence (fluorescence lifetime)

Time-resolved phosphorescence

Circular dichroism

Liquid dispensing