Applied Photophysics SX.18MV stopped-flow spectrophotometer
Applied Photophysics SX.18MV stopped-flow spectrophotometer
Results from applied Photophysics SX.18MV stopped-flow spectrophotometer


Equipped with:

  • Xenon lamp
  • dual monochromators
  • absorbance photomultiplier tube detector
  • photodiode array detector (190 nm -725 nm)
  • fluorescence photomultiplier tube detector
  • large range of fluorecence filters available
  • biocompatible peek tubing
  • 2 mm or 10 mm optical path
  • quartz opticaL cell (20 µl cell volume)
  • dead time ~ 1 ms
  • typical reagent per shot per syringe ~ 80 µl (total shot volume ~ 160 µl)
  • 2.5 ml drive syringes and 1 ml stop syringe (for monitoring fast reactions)
  • single mixing and sequential mixing ability
  • refrigerated waterbath for variable temperatures including 4 °C, 25 °C and 37 °C
  • equipped with nitrogen-gas purging manifold and nitrogen gas flow for anaerobic operation
  • SX Pro-Data software
  • SX Pro-Data Viewer analysis software
  • Pro-K Kinetic Global Analysis and Data Simulation Software

Select publications of instrument use

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Dynamic Long-Range Interactions Influence Substrate Binding and Catalysis by Human Histidine Triad Nucleotide-Binding Proteins (HINTs), Key Regulators of Multiple Cellular Processes and Activators of Antiviral ProTides. Strom A, Shah R, Dolot R, Rogers MS, Tong CL, Wang D, Xia Y, Lipscomb JD, Wagner CR. (2022) Biochemistry 61:2648-2661

6-phenylpyrrolocytosine as a fluorescent probe to examine nucleotide flipping catalyzed by a DNA repair protein. Kotandeniya D, Rogers MS, Fernandez J, Kanugula S, Hudson RHE, Rodriguez F, Lipscomb JD, Tretyakova N. (2021) Biopolymers 112:e23405

Rational Optimization of Mechanism-Based Inhibitors through Determination of the Microscopic Rate Constants of Inactivation. Eiden CG, Maize KM, Finzel BC, Lipscomb JD, Aldrich CC. (2017) JACS 139:7132-7135

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Mechanistic analysis of actin-binding compounds that affect the kinetics of cardiac myosin-actin interaction. Roopnarine O, Thomas DD. (2021) JBC 296:100471


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Experiments reported in this paper were performed at the Biophysical Technology Center, University of Minnesota Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics.

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