Time-resolved phosphometer


Microland time-resolved phosphorimeter

Microland — time-resolved phosphorimeter designed in DDT lab. It is mostly focused on observing the motions in large protein assemblies, such as membranes and muscle filaments measuring transient phosphorescence anisotropy in range 0.1-10 ms. The phosphorescence is excited by second harmonic of diode pulped passively Q-switched YAG laser FDSS532-150 (CryLas Laser Systems, Berlin Germany). Phosphorescence signal is measured by 14 bits Compuscope 14100 digitizer board (Gage Applied Technologies, Lockport IL). Transient phosphorescence anisotropy is calculated using data measured for vertical and horizontal position of emission polarizer. Temperature of sample can be controlled by Peltier temperature controller. Our software make all process of data acquisition and analysis fully automated.



NL100 nitrogen laser

Recently nitrogen laser NL100 (Stanford Research Systems, Sunnyvale, CA) was integrated in instrument. The laser is used as excitation source for experiments with terbium chelate.

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