Fall 2014: Equity and Diversity @ CBS

A lineup of equity and diversity trainings and discussions at the College of Biological Sciences.


Bio-Diversity Brown Bags

Courageous Conversations: Placing the dominant culture in context

Culture is often described as a set of norms so common that we take it for granted. When we think about multicultural diversity, we focus on the cultures of racial and ethnic groups different from the dominant culture. How do we understand Euro-American culture? How can the CBS community's work on perception and identity with Wing Young Huie inform our understanding?  This is part of a Bio-Diversity Brown Bag Lunch series offered by the College of Biological Sciences. This event will also include the viewing of some photos taken by local photographer Wing Young Huie around identity and perception to consider connections.

  • October 1 // noon - 1 p.m. // Cargill 105  
Intercultural Competency: One Program's Journey

Hear members of the CBS Student Services Intercultural Competency Committee describe how their ongoing studies in this area has affected their work with program colleagues and with students.

  • October 29 //  noon - 1 p.m. // Jackson 6-135

Training Opportunities

Equity & Diversity Ally Training

Led by Anne Phibbs from the Office of Equity and Diversity, participants will study several complex scenarios in academic settings to clarify the diversity issues involved and to discuss alternative ways to approach them. 

  • September 24 // noon - 1 p.m. //  Jackson 6-135 [Graduate students and Post-docs]     
  • November 19 // noon - 1 p.m. // Cargill 105 [Faculty and Staff]  
Evaluation Bias Training for Search Committees

For all employees who lead or serve on search committees. Learn what research tells us about unintentional biases when we screen applicants for jobs, and how we can work differently to treat all applicants more fairly.

  • October 22 // noon - 1 p.m. // Jackson 6-135