Cedar Creek

Casting doubt on drought

A new study based on the framework of a long-term experiment at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve reveals that the consequences of global change may be worse than we thought.

A treasure hunt for adaptive trees

Nick LaBonte tries to beat the climate curve in the Superior National Forest by collecting tree seeds at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve.

A vision realized

David Tilman fell in love with Cedar Creek and then helped transform it into an ecological research and education powerhouse.

Research brief: Uncovering the role of beta diversity in ecosystems

Researchers aim to better understand beta diversity through work at Cedar Creek.

Five seedlings to rule them all

Research scientist Karen Castillioni investigates biodiversity at a large scale.

What dead fungi can teach us about life

Postdoctoral researcher Katilyn Beidler investigates the role of fungal necromass in carbon cycling.

A new era for K-12 engagement at Cedar Creek

Supporters gathered at the station for ecology walk and construction kick off.

Laying the tracks for telemetry

Richard Huempfner reflects on the early days of radio telemetry, how the industry has evolved and stories from throughout the journey

Of prairies and pollinators

Maggie Anderson investigates how human activity affects pollinator resources.

Healing the wounded mountain

Maowei Liang reflects on what led him to ecological research.