New artists-in-residence announced

Three local artists will take part in a new joint program between Cedar Creek and the CBS Conservatory.
March 26, 2024

Brenna Mosser, self portrait by sunshine gao, and Taylor Robers

Science and art have some things in common. They both involve observation, exploration and discovery. A new joint program is designed to provide artists-in-residence with opportunities to connect with the scientific community. Cedar Creek and the Conservatory announced three artists-in-residence who will have access to both spaces over the next year.

The artists-- Brenna Mosser, sunshine gao and Taylor Robers -- will spend the next year exploring the intersection of science, nature, and humanity at both locations. They will gain perspective on the scientific process and have the chance to engage with critical ecological and botanical resources. This year’s artists-in-residence include:

Brenna Mosser
Brenna Mosser is a dancer and choreographer based in Minneapolis, MN. She is also the founder of Analog Dance Works, a dance company with a mission to explore the intersection of dance and science through choreography and roundtable discussions. Much of her work explores climate change. 

sunshine gao
sunshine gao was born in China and raised in Indiana and Kentucky. Once, they studied moral philosophy and ecology, cooked noodles, and sold produce. Now, they draw stories examining home, the heart, everyday ethics--and the frailty of the narratives we tell about them. In spite of everything, they believe the world can be made a beautiful place.

Taylor Robers
Taylor Robers is an interdisciplinary artist with roots in drawing, painting, sculpture, land art, zines, photography and sound. She seeks to restore our relationships with forests by bringing our attention to the organisms and relationships that support these ecosystems. Robers was raised between farmland, prairies, and forests of Minnesota, and wetlands and forests of Northern Wisconsin.