Research round-up // March 2015

The latest research publications from College of Biological Sciences faculty.


Experience drives the development of movement-cognition correlations in a butterfly

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution // Emilie C. Snell-Rood, Meredith Steck

Multi-omic data analysis using Galaxy

Nature Biotechnology // Jorrit Boekel, John M Chilton, Ira R Cooke, Peter L Horvatovich, Pratik D Jagtap, Lukas Käll, Janne Lehtiö, Pieter Lukasse, Perry D Moerland, Timothy J Griffin

Social networks predict gut microbiome composition in wild baboons

eLife // Jenny Tung, Luis B Barreiro, Michael B Burns, Jean-Christophe Grenier, Josh Lynch, Laura E Grieneisen, Jeanne Altmann, Susan C Alberts, Ran Blekhman, Elizabeth A Archie

Stoichiometric flexibility in diverse aquatic heterotrophic bacteria is coupled to differences in cellular phosphorus quotas

Frontiers in Microbiology // Casey M. Godwin, James B. Cotner

A provisional patent application has been filed with the U.S. Patents and Trademark Office by the Wackett lab titled Hyopochlorite resistant cyanuric acid hydrolases and methods of use thereof // Inventors: Kelly Aukema, Jennifer Seffernick, Larry Wackett


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