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Managing Director ASCEND--Advancing Spectral biology in Changing ENvironments to understand Diversity

Sandra Durán

Lab manager and technician:  Cathleen Lapadat 612-624-6951


Postdoctoral associates/Research Scientists

 Gerard Sapes

Accurate detection of oak diseases and drought using hyperspectral and ecophysiological tool

 Jesus Pinto Ledezma

Macroecology and evolution, community assembly, functional traits


Antonio Guzmán Quesada

Mapping temperate forests and their stresses 

 Clarissa Fontes

Ecophysiological variation with habitat and climate in global oaks


Ph.D. students


 Lucy Schroeder

Spectral detection of plant diversity, plasticity and adaptation to climate

 Maria Park

Forest biodiversity loss, plant ecophysiology, climate change, plant-soil interactions, remote sensing/spectral biology, art-based science communication

Former Students and Postdocs

  Shan Kothari

Ph.D. 2020

 Jen Teshera-Levye

PhD 2019, Post Doc 2020

 Josep Padulles

Post Doc 2017-2019

 Laura Williams

PhD 2018, Post Doc 2019 

Jose Eduardo Meireles

Post Doc 2014-2018


 Jake Grossman

PhD 2017


 Beth Fallon

PhD 2017, Post Doc 2017-19


Anna Schweiger

Post Doc 2014-2018


 Nick Deacon

Post Doc 2015-2017

  Alyson Center

PhD, 2015

Matthew Kaproth

Post Doc, 2013-2016

Will Pearse

UK flag  Will Pearse

Post Doc, 2012-2014

  Jose Ramirez-Valiente

Post Doc, 2012-2015

 Jessica Savage

PhD, 2010; Post Doc, 2010

 Xiaojing Wei

PhD, 2014

 Paul Gugger

PhD, 2010

Gina Quiram

PhD, 2013

 Antonio Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Post Doc, 2005-2006

 Jeffrey Klemens

Post Doc, 2004-2006

 Nick Deacon

PhD, 2009

Former Visiting Scholars

Associate Prof. Wei Wang, Peking University, Soil and microbial ecology

Prof. Wei Wang

Visiting Ph.D. student

PhD Student Vinicius Marcilio da Silva

Community Assembly, diversity and ecosystem service trade-offs in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil.







Visiting Post Doc 2013 

Mariana Alvarez Anorve

Plant ecophysiology

Mariana Anorve