Things to consider before Layoff or Termination:

If it becomes necessary to layoff or terminate employees in your lab, there are many factors to consider. Each case is different depending on the variables. Some questions you will need to take into consideration are:

• Why is the layoff/termination necessary - financial or disciplinary?
• If it is disciplinary, have conversations/warnings regarding the issue been documented?
• What type of appointment does the employee have - temporary vs. continuing?
• Has the employee completed a probationary period?
• What unit is the employee in - Civil Service, Bargaining Unit, Academic Professional, Student, etc.?
• How much notice is necessary?
• Will the employee qualify for bumping rights or a severance package?

If there is a potential layoff or disciplinary situation in your lab, please contact GCD HR as soon as possible. They will provide specific details to your particular circumstance