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Each year, The College of Biological Sciences offers a series of career development workshops for postdocs and senior-level graduate students, led by a team from Nelson Biomedical (a consulting firm). The workshops focus on developing your communication skills for pursuing alternative (non-tenure track) careers but have relevance to all participants.

The Emerge BioScience program offers case studies, panel discussions, practice sessions, presentations and more to help improve communication and networking skills.

Our Research Group Management course is aimed at postdoctoral scientists and senior graduate students who envision transitioning to a project or group leadership position in academia, industry, or government research. The course will introduce principle areas where advanced planning and knowledge will facilitate a smooth transition to leadership, including best experimental and data tracking practices, managing finances, mentor-mentee relationships, collaborations, and managing field work. 

Additional career development programming is available through the Boreas Leadership Program at the Institute on the Environment. Boreas offers graduate and professional students and post-doctoral fellows free co-curricular leadership development opportunities that build on the strengths of graduate education to create effective change agents.

If you're planning a career in academia, teaching opportunities for postdocs, often with a mentorship, can be arranged at local colleges and universities, as well as the University of Minnesota.

To further your career development, great online resources are listed below:

  • ScienceCareers provide a excellent system called myIDP for deciding on your next career plans and plan for it. Furthermore, they provide a lot of great articles about surviving your postdoc and transitioning on to your next career.
  • Postdoc Academy provide a comprehensive online and in-person program built on the National Postdoctoral Association core competencies to support skill development throughout postdoc training, from orientation to next career step.
  • CheekyScientist assists PhDs and Postdocs transition to Industry positions.
  • The Burroughs Wellcome Fund provides articles and books about the right moves when transitioning to a tenure-track faculty position.