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Postdoctoral appointments at the University of Minnesota fall into two categories, Postdoctoral Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows. Postdoctoral associates are University employees who are receiving additional training while also performing service for the University, for which they are compensated. Postdoctoral fellow appointments are for persons receiving a fellowship or training award granting a stipend and allowing for advanced study or research.

You can learn more about appointments, benefits and other resources at the University by visiting the links below.
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To further your career development, great online resources are listed below:

  • ScienceCareers provide a excellent system called myIDP for deciding on your next career plans and plan for it. Furthermore, they provide a lot of great articles about surviving your postdoc and transitioning on to your next career.
  • Postdoc Academy provide a comprehensive online and in-person program built on the National Postdoctoral Association core competencies to support skill development throughout postdoc training, from orientation to next career step.
  • CheekyScientist assists PhDs and Postdocs transition to Industry positions.
  • The Burroughs Wellcome Fund provides articles and books about the right moves when transitioning to a tenure-track faculty position.