Welcome to CBS!

Pre-Orientation Checklist

 Activate your Internet Account
Confirm your email activation by logging in to your University of Minnesota email account. Check your account for relevant emails and updates from CBS throughout the coming months.

 Complete your CBS New Student Checklist
Your CBS New Student Checklist will be available beginning the afternoon of April 1, 2020. Please note that you will not be able to access the checklist items there until after our system has processed your confirmation of acceptance, which could take 2-3 business days.

 Register for Orientation
Please Register for Orientation through the CBS New Student Checklist.

 Fill out the 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
You must apply annually for financial aid.

 Take Chemistry and Math Placement Exams linked in New Student Checklist
Students are encouraged to review placement test instructions in the New Student Checklist and plan to take the placement tests well in advance of their Orientation date. While the initial Chemistry placement exam takes about 90 minutes, students often engage with chemistry learning modules for an average of 15 hours to gain mastery of chemistry skills. The math placement exam will take about an hour. Final placement scores are due one week prior to your scheduled Orientation date. Students with AP credit for math or chemistry are still required to take the placement exams.

 Take Language Placement Exam (if interested in continuing with a language)

 Register for Parent Orientation

 Have transcripts from other colleges, AP scores and IB scores sent to U of M Admissions (if applicable)

 International Students: Access the International Student Preparation Course

Post-Orientation Checklist

 Mark your calendar for Welcome Week
Plan family vacations and work schedules accordingly.

 Complete the Welcome Week Event Selection
Beginning mid-July you will be able to preference some events during Welcome Week. You will receive an email to your UMN email account with details.

 Submit your final transcripts
Your final transcripts, with high school graduation date, are due to the Office of Admissions by August 1.

 Know your move-in date and time
Every incoming first year-resident will have a move in date and time, find your assigned time. You should receive your housing assignment by early August.

 Report Scholarships
Email onestop@umn.edu to report any outside scholarships you are receiving. 

 Check your Financial Aid Status
Go to My Finances in MyU at z.umn.edu/myfinances to verify you have completed all necessary financial aid items and respond to your Financial Aid Award Notice (FAAN) (available mid to late July).

 Sign up for Direct Deposit
Students need to sign up for Direct Deposit if you receive financial aid. Go to My Finances in MyU at z.umn.edu/myfinances.

 Set up Parent/Guest Access
If you would like a parent or other third party to have access to your record, learn how to do so here.

 Connect with your roommate before arriving on campus
Visit Housing + Residential Life for great tips for getting to know your roommate before you move in. You should receive your housing assignment by early August.

 Sign up for Reciprocity
If you live in Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota or Manitoba ensure you are charged the correct tuition rate.

 Update Personal Information
Keep your school contact information updated and private. Update this information through My Info in MyU at z.umn.edu/myinfo

 Begin your job search
In mid-August search for on-campus jobs by going online.

 Attend Welcome Week