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Directed Research/Directed Studies Contract

You can get involved in undergraduate research through a student job, volunteering in a lab, participating in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), or completing a directed research project for credit in your major. If you are interested in getting started in research, check out the Roadmap to Research.


If you have already opened the form once, there may be an existing form already created for you in the system.

Expectations for Faculty around Directed Research/Studies

Once you have made an agreement with a faculty member please keep the following points in mind:

  • You need to complete a contract prior to registering for Directed Research/Directed Studies credit. You and your faculty mentor will work together to define your research project, what you will do, and how it will be evaluated. This process takes time so plan accordingly.
  • Contracts should be completed no later than the 10th day of classes which is the last day that changes to your schedule can be made without college approval.
  • All Directed Research and Directed Studies courses are graded S/N (pass/fail).
  • The requirement for Directed Research is a minimum of 45 hours per term for each credit you earn. A 3 credit course requires 8-10 hours of lab work per week.
  • An important note to students registering for Writing Intensive Directed Research (4794W): The writing intensive course is meant for students to write a capstone paper of their work in a lab over a longer period of time than one semester. In addition, the writing intensive requirement requires that the student and faculty mentor engage in ongoing writing instruction over the entire semester. Writing a paper at the end of the semester without sustained interaction around writing will not fulfill the requirement. Therefore, students will need to petition the DUGs if they plan to register for WI-DR without prior experience on the project. We have seen time and time again that students who engage in WI-DR in the first semester in a lab are often unsuccessful in completing their research and their writing all in one semester.