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Student organizations

The University of Minnesota has more than 800 student organizations that represent various student interests. More than 35 student organizations are considered to be of high-interest to CBS students, offering opportunities for learning and engagement related to academic majors and career paths commonly associated with the study of life sciences. 

If you are a part of a student organization that you would like to have included in this list, complete the application.

AISESAmerican Indian Students in Science and Engineering (AISES)

Outreach events, professional networking events, and national AISES conferences are the main focus of our organization. The AISES National Conference and AISES Leadership Summit are two such conferences that seek to expose American Indian students from across the country to STEM-related companies, professional development skills, and networking opportunities.

Biochemistry Club

The mission of the Biochemistry Club at the University of Minnesota is to improve the educational experience of undergraduate students, provide career advancement tools, and offer specialized leadership training opportunities for majors in the discipline with the goal of enabling students to more effectively reach their career objectives. To that end, Biochemistry Club engages in learning sessions for graduate and professional school applications, provides opportunities for corporate partners and students to meet and explore career development, teaches science lessons in the community, and provides students with an opportunity to organize and manage the club with staff and faculty support.

Bioethics-ClubBioethics Undergraduate Group

The Bioethics Undergraduate Group is a student organization for undergraduate students across colleges to engage in discussions and events relating to bioethics. We encourage those with interests in science, ethics, philosophy, healthcare, and sustainability to join, but the group is open to anyone, and we believe there is something for everyone within bioethics!

Biology-Without-BordersBiology Without Borders

We, the Biology Without Borders student organization, shall lead students on annual global volunteer trips while connecting students with resources and making them advocates for global and social change. Our goal is to promote ethical volunteerism as well as community-based and sustainable projects in underserved areas, both locally and globally. Visit the Biology Without Borders website.

CBS-Student-BoardCBS Student Board

The College of Biological Sciences Student Board is here to serve as the main governing body of the undergraduate College of Biological Sciences. We act as a bridge between students and faculty and try to increase communication and collaboration within the overall CBS community.


Charosa is a project-based group focused on the intersection of science and medicine.

Critical Analysis of Scientific Literature (CASL) Club

The Critical Analysis of Scientific Literature (CASL) Club at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities is an open group for students and non-students looking to practice skills in analyzing, discussing, and critiquing scientific literature. We are headed by the Department of Chemistry and are co-advised by both (Chemistry Faculty) Professor Renee Frontiera and (UROP Coordinator) Dr. Victoria Munro.

Ecology-ClubEcology Club

Our goal is to foster a welcoming environment where all people with shared interests in ecology, evolution, conservation, and in being stewards for the environment can connect through fun activities and adventures in the Twin Cities and at the Itasca Biological Station. We have meetings every other week with presentations from students and world-renowned faculty. We go on visits to connect students to new places on campus such as the Native American Medicine Gardens, the Bee Lab, the Bell Museum's vast behind-the-scenes specimen collections, and the CBS conservatory. We also take day trips to places like local state parks, the Como Zoo, and the Wildlife Science Center.

Engineering-World-HealthEngineering World Health

This organization exists as a student chapter of the national organization of Engineering World Health (EWH). The national mission ,“To inspire, educate, and empower the biomedical community to improve healthcare delivery in the developing world", serves as the foundation for our organization and the work we seek to do.

As a student chapter we engage future healthcare innovators on the local and global scale by:

  1. Building technical skills needed to design, engineer, and innovate solutions around healthcare
  2. Facilitating intelligent conversation about culture, social issues, and ethics locally and globally
  3. Creating interdisciplinary teams to apply acquired knowledge to technical projects
  4. Engaging within the local and global communities through volunteerism
  5. Promoting health and STEM education through outreach


Forensic-Science-ClubForensic Science Club

The Forensic Science Club provides events, field trips, information, and a forum for speakers to members of the University community interested in forensic science.

 GCD-ClubGCD (Genetics, Cell Biology & Development) Club

GCD club is a student run organization which exists to promote and generate interest in the many aspects of genetics, cellular biology and development. This is accomplished through active engagement via field trips, guest speakers, projects, and journal reviews. GCD Club is open to all who wish to expand their knowledge of this science and commune with like minded individuals. 

Integrated Metabolism

Our goal with this club is to connect students who have interests in biological subjects such as physiology, nutrition, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and metabolism. We seek to accomplish this by holding biweekly discussions that provide students with an opportunity to accelerate their learning by diving into primary scientific literature, communicating science to their peers, and working with others to come to a comprehensive understanding of complex topics. Through this club, we hope to expose students to current research, involvement opportunities, and educational seminars at the University of Minnesota.

IPPHSInter-Professional Pre-Health Students

We are a pre-health student group that focuses on inter-professionalism in healthcare. Our club offers events, volunteering opportunities, speakers from healthcare, and collaboration with other pre-health students to emphasize the cooperative nature of modern healthcare. As we are affiliated with the Pre-Health Student Resources center, we provide undergraduate students with resources to course recommendations, career planning, and volunteer/work opportunities!

Marine-Biology-ClubMarine Biology Club

A way for students with similar interests; relating to marine biology and conservation, to come together and plan marine biology related outings in an attempt to spread awareness on the issues that the oceans are facing today while also having fun doing so. Also, a way for students to potentially engage in hands-on learning about marine wildlife and discuss opportunities relating to the marine biology minor and plans for during and after college.

Microbiology-ClubMicrobiology Club

The Microbiology Club exists for the primary function of introducing microbiology students to each other, to faculty, and to the variety of resources available at the University of Minnesota. Our goals are threefold. First, the Microbiology Club seeks to introduce microbiology students to career paths that utilize their training and education at the university. Second, the Microbiology Club seeks to connect microbiology students to the professional and training resources offered by the American Society of Microbiology. Finally, the Microbiology Club seeks to encourage microbiology students to get involved with microbiology research and faculty on campus, as well as familiarize them with communicating their research to their peers as well as to non-scientific audiences.

Minnesota-Medical-LeadersMinnesota Medical Leaders

We're a close-knit group of pre-med undergrads focused on exploring social issues in medicine and discussing how the intersections of policy, race, class, etc. influence how medicine is practiced. We value open-mindedness, critical thinking, and passion for helping others. We meet biweekly, share resources on MD/DO applications, and work to help each other succeed as critically future physicians!

MSBAMinnesota Science Business Association

To bridge the gap between Carlson School of Management and College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota through collaborative learning, sharing of resources, and exposure to the industry.


MAPSMinority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS)

MAPS strives to create an inviting and culturally inclusive community where minority pre-med students can thrive, learn, grow. We hope to increase representation of underrepresented backgrounds in the medical field.


oSTEMoSTEM @ Minnesota

Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics @ Minnesota (oSTEM) is the University of Minnesota chapter of a national society dedicated to educating and fostering leadership for LGBT+ communities in STEM. oSTEM empowers LGBT+ people in STEM to succeed personally, academically, and professionally by cultivating environments and communities that nurture innovation, leadership, and advocacy. Students of all areas of study and identities are welcome!

Pharmacology-ClubPharmacology Club

We are an undergraduate student group at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities interested in pharmaceuticals, as well as the health science field as a whole. Most club members plan on attending health professional school or graduate school post-graduation, including but not limited to: medical school, pharmacy school, dentistry school, and graduate schools in the life sciences. We aim to invigorate our club members' passions through guest speakers from the academic, healthcare, and research communities around the area. We dually participate in philanthropic events related to healthcare once a semester. 

Pre-Dental-ClubPre-Dental Club

The Pre-Dental club at the University of Minnesota provides a forum for students interested in (or curious about) dentistry. The club hosts monthly meetings, volunteer opportunities, and a close relationship with the School of Dentistry.


Pre-Genetic Counseling Club

The Pre-Genetic Counseling Club is for students wanting to learn about the profession of genetic counseling. At our bi-weekly meetings, members hear from genetic counselors, graduate students, and other professionals in the field. We provide causal membership for at level of intent or interest.

Pre-Health Community Connections 

Pre-Health Community Connections is a student group that aims to link pre-health students from the University of Minnesota through exploration and volunteering to the many service organizations working to improve and aid the Twin Cities community. What do we do?

  • Semester-long biweekly volunteering opportunities- guaranteed, tracked hours!
  • Member meetings with speakers from various service organizations
  • Whole-club volunteering or one-time volunteering events


Pre-Med-AMSAPre-Med AMSA (American Medical Student Association)

Pre-Med AMSA is a pre-professional medical student organization. We strive for all our members to be well-balanced pre-medical students. While having a good MCAT score, GPA, and resume is important to medical school applications, we believe our members will stand out by their commitment to improving our community and advocating for health locally and globally. Pre-Med AMSA is committed to volunteering and giving back to the community through lending our time, money, and effort to important causes at the U and around the world. We are also committed to improving health care and its delivery to all people; involving its members in the social, moral, and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine. Pre-med AMSA unites all University students that want to pursue a career in medicine. Pre-med AMSA organizes activities that introduce all aspects of a physician's life: providing healthcare to all people, deepening and expanding his or her academic knowledge, striving towards professional and personal excellence, and overall creating a positive social change in the local and wider community.

Pre-Occupational-Therapy-GroupPre-Occupational Therapy Group

The goal of the Pre-Occupational Therapy Group is to promote the knowledge of Occupational Therapy among students and to build a community of students passionate about becoming Occupational Therapists. The group will be involved in volunteer and social activities.

Pre-Optometry-ClubPre-Optometry Club

The Twin Cities Pre-optometry Club is an academic and educational student organization established at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. We are dedicated to providing the tools and resources needed to help pre-optometry students pursue a successful career in the field of optometry. The Twin Cities Pre-optometry Club hosts a number of open workshops every school year that focus on topics such as the OAT, OptomCAS application, optometry school, life as an optometrist, and much more. Additionally, we try to bring in optometrists and optometry school representatives to our meetings in order to help answer questions that our general members may have about the field of optometry. While our focus is to help pre-optometry students, membership is open to all persons interested in optometry. To learn more about how to get involved in our student organization, please contact or feel free to join us at any of our events or meetings.

Pre-Pharmacy-ClubPre-Pharmacy Club

The Pre-Pharmacy Club at the University of Minnesota is an organization designed to help students explore the field of Pharmacy and connect with other individuals of similar interests. During our meetings, students can hear from guest speakers from various areas of pharmacy, learn how to build a strong application for pharmacy school, and join in discussions about current issues pertinent to the field. The club puts on volunteering, social, and fundraising events that allow members to meet new people, experience new things, and give back to our community.

Pre-Physical Therapy Club

We educate students about the physical therapy profession and guide those that choose this path towards building and strengthening their application through connecting students to various opportunities and professionals within the field.

Pre-Physician-Assisstant-OrganizationPre-Physican Assistant Organization

The Pre-Physician Assistant Organization strives to inform and guide students on their path to becoming a Physician Assistant. Our student group holds bi-weekly meetings with PAs to help students make connections in the PA community. The Pre-Physician Assistant Organization also helps and encourages students during the CASPA application process. Join the UMN Pre-Physician Assistant Organization to learn more about how to become a Physician Assistant!

Pre-Veterinary-ClubPre-Veterinary Club

The Pre-Vet Club's purpose is to instill the utmost knowledge in future veterinarians through the use of speakers, tours, volunteer opportunities, and pet visits! Feel free to send us an email or message us on Facebook if you have any questions! This year due to the coronavirus pandemic we will host our meeting via zoom! 

Scientific-Research-CommunicationScientific Research Communication

SRC is a group for young scientists to better their understanding of and prepare for a career in scientific research. Hear talks from UMN faculty about cutting edge research, attend events to learn about graduate school and communication skills, and socialize with other like minded students through movies, games, and get togethers.

SACNASSociety for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)

We are an inclusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of Chicano/Hispanic and Native American scientists, from college students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM.

The Butterfly Collective

The Butterfly Club is a group of undergraduates  who are interested in learning and promoting awareness about butterflies. We attend the annual Monarch Butterfly Festival, and meet bi-monthly to learn about butterflies through discussions with faculty, field trips, and student presentations. 

Undergraduate-Public-Health-AssociationUndergraduate Public Health Association

The Undergraduate Public Health Association (UPHA) aims to be a resource for students interested in the public health field. UPHA strives to promote campus health initiatives and community health education through events and community engagement, and to serve as a resource for those interested in public health. UPHA offers students the opportunity to participate in health related events and activities. The club gives students curious about a Masters in Public Health, or an Undergraduate minor in public health, an idea of what these fields of study would entail. 

USIGUndergraduate Surgery Interest Group

We are an undergraduate group tailored for students interested in surgery in their career aspirations in medicine. We welcome all levels of interest and ability. We specialize in hands-on experiences that allow you to dive into your interests and explore the field of surgery as a level that is appropriate for undergraduates. We give you a peek into the field so you can better understand what your future may hold.