Teaching with writing

Center for Writing

Help for international or multilingual student writers

Updated guidelines for WI courses

The guidelines for University of Minnesota writing intensive courses have recently been changed to be more flexible.  For help in developing a WI course, please feel free to contact Leslie Schiff, schif002@umn.edu.

CBS Writing Enriched Curriculum Project

Writing instruction tools

How to get student feedback on the discipline-relevant writing you have incorporated into your course

Using real student writing samples to improve writing in your course

Example assignments and course materials

Many of these were developed by EEB faculty members and submitted to the EEB teaching and writing moodle.  Please send example of writing assignments and other assessments to Leslie Schiff for inclusion in this section.

Short writing assignments
Laboratory reports

We are looking for examples of lab reports that effectively model components of research papers; please email Leslie Schiff.

  • LabWrite (resources from NCSU for faculty and students)
Multi-stage research papers
Resources for assignments involving synthesis
Research presentations
Scientific writing tips for students and instructors
Critical Reading Assignments

Approaches to enhance specific writing abilities

These materials were developed by EEB to fill specific needs in their curriculum.  The assignments are developed to target students at multiple levels and can be completed as either short (<5-10 minute) or longer (~25 minute) assignments.  They are intended to be adapted to different courses and purposes.

Interrogating sources/critical reading
Synthesizing disparate sources

Teaching and writing references

Books available for perusal in Leslie Schiff's office, schif002@umn.edu.