Student advisees and collaborators:

(in alpha order)

Richard Barnes

College of Biological Sciences

321-222-7637 (321-2BARNES)

Adam Clark, Ph.D. co-advisee

Melissa DonCarlos, research associate

Peter Gillitzer

Celia Hemmerich, undergraduate researcher

Jacob Jungers

PhD student, Conservation Biology

Linked in

Adrienne Keen, collaborator

Beatsam Kwon, UROP student, Spring 2013

Holly MacCormick, collaborator

Barbara Martinez, Ph.D. advisee

Michael Nelson, Ph.D. committee with special effort 

Heidi Prokash, M.S. advisee, 2012

Peter Quach, UROP student, Spring 2012

Jessica Richardson, MSROP student, Spring 2013

Colleen Satyshur, research associate

Max Shinn, undergraduate researcher Spring 2012

Dawn Taner

Shelby Williams

PhD student, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior