Model development

The model available here was written for tuberculosis dynamics in the UK by Adrienne Keen (AK), built around a general order-1 algorithm for scheduling events written by Clarence Lehman (CL) and first used for understanding HIV transmission in the US (Lehman etal, in revision, manuscript available upon request). AK and CL had a three-day work session early in 2010 to begin adapting the HIV model into a basic tuberculosis model. That resulted in a working prototype, but with a static population size, no heterogeneity on age, sex, or birthplace, no data input for model parameters or initial conditions, no immigration or emigration features, nor functions for genetic strains.

AK subsequently developed the prototype into what is presented on this website. That subsequent development inspired new algorithms developed jointly by AK and CL, including an order-1 algorithm for managing groups, methods for developing random numbers from arbitrary distributions, for storing and reading data reliably, and for managing parallel multiprocessors. Those algorithms were published in the computing literature.