Deena Wassenberg

Deena is a teaching assistant professor in the biology program. As an eductator, she is interested in student's ability to accept (or not accept) controversial scientific issues, such as evolution and climate change. She teaches BIOL 1055 Our Global Environment: Science and Solutions, BIOL 1003 Evolution and Biology of Sex, and BIOL 2003 Foundations of Biology II.

Deena has been working with Mary Williams and Annika Moe to bring an authentic research encounter that focuses on biodiversity in the Serengeti to non-major students in her environmental science class. She has been also assisting Mary with an actively-learning lab module where students work to model atmospheric carbon dioxide. The hope is to have these two lab activities ready for BIOL 1055 Our Global Environment: Science and Solutions during the 2013-2014 academic year.

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