College greats

Meet the CBS faculty and students responsible for many 'firsts' in the field of biology and at the University of Minnesota.

Paul Boyer

Nobel Prize winner for discovering how ATP synthase produces ATP.

Myron Brakke

Inventor of density gradient centrifugation.

Richard Caldecott

Founding dean of the college.

Margaret Davis

First woman at the University of Minnesota elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

Eville Gorham

Acid rain and nuclear fallout research.

Edward Lewis

1995 Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Raymond Lindeman

Discovered how energy moves through an ecosystem, which launched the field of ecosystem science.

Robert McKinnell

Nuclear transplantation and cloning.

Craig Packer

Leading scholar on the African lion.

John Tester

Pioneering ecologist known for research on controlled burns and climate change.

Josephine Tilden

First woman scientist at the University of Minnesota.

G. David Tilman

Credited with scientifically establishing the value of biodiversity in Earth’s ecosystems.

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