Academic Probation and Suspension

CBS students are placed on academic probation or suspended following the University policies outlined below. If you are experiencing academic difficulty your CBS academic advisor is here to help you identify your challenges and develop a plan for academic success. We believe in the potential of every CBS student and recognize the fact that many students will experience some form of academic difficulty during their college career. Decisions regarding Academic Probation and Suspension are made at the end of fall and spring terms only.

Academic probation

A student will be placed on probation (and will remain on probation) if either the term or the cumulative GPA is below 2.0.

If you are placed on probation you will be required to meet with a CBS academic advisor to develop an Academic Success Contract. The meeting is designed to reflect on any academic or personal challenges that contributed to your academic difficulties and develop strategies to address the challenges. Come to your appointment prepared to discuss your goals and changes you plan to make to improve your academic record.

If you are on probation for two or more consecutive semesters, you will be required to have two meetings with a CBS academic advisor.


A student is suspended if at the end of the probation term (semester) both the term and the cumulative GPA are below 2.0, or the conditions of an academic contract are not fulfilled. The suspension is effective immediately. When suspended, a student cannot register for University of Minnesota courses for at least one full academic year.

If suspended, you are encouraged to consult your advisor in CBS Student Services for guidance and support. Following suspension, students can apply to be re-admitted after one full academic year of suspension. Re-admission after a period of suspension is not automatic. You must show evidence of changes in circumstances to demonstrate you will succeed in an academic program upon return. Please refer to the Petition for Reinstatement for deadlines and instructions on the process.