Leadership Compass Activity

The leadership compass is model designed based on the medicine wheel, or sacred hoop, in Native American culture. In this quick personal assessment you will examine your tendencies and preferences to determine your natural approach to leadership. 

Based on our natural leadership styles, each of us will have preferences in how we like to work, what unique skills we can bring to teams, and challenges that come with our preferences that are helpful to be aware of. It is important to remember that everyone can act in ways that align with each quadrant, but this will give us information about what our natural inclination is.  As you read through the information about your leadership style, what resonates with you?

Leadership compass assessment Leadership compass results Discussion & reflection questions

Create a personal development plan


Cultural intelligence: the competitive edge for leaders

Apply the ideas explored in this video by taking time to examine your own core and flex, using this worksheet.

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Self development also includes recognizing and challenging our own biases. In this episode of Free Thoughts the idea of objectivity in science is discussed, specifically in the context of climate science.

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