Sucrose Transporters

Sucrose uptake transporters (SUTs) are membrane proteins in the plasma membrane and vacuole membrane. There are three types, type I, II and III that differ in transport  properties and in sequence. All SUTs are proton coupled, they transport one sugar molecule and one proton at the same time in the same direction. They are distantly related to the major facilitator superfamily (MFS) of transporters. We are interested in the transport activity of SUTs; figure 1 is a summary of the substrate specificity of some of the SUTs we have studied in the lab.

Figure 1. Substrate specificities of type I, II and III SUTs.  Transport activity was assayed  in Xenopus oocytes using two-electrode voltage clamping. Results are from Chandran et al. (2003), Sivitz et al. (2005, 2007), Reinders et al. (2006, 2008). This figure is taken from Reinders and Ward (2012).

We found that only type I SUTs transport esculin (a plant coumarin glucoside). Since this sugar is highly fluorescent, we use this substrate to observe SUT activity in yeast. Yeast does not normally take up esculin, but yeast expressing a type I SUT take up esculin and become fluorescent as shown in Fig. 2.






Figure 2.  Esculin uptake by yeast expressing sucrose transporter cDNAs.  This figure is taken from Gora et al. (2012).



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