Science and the Cities

A look at work in progress at one of the only urban long-term ecological research programs in the country.
October 02, 2023

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul Long-Term Ecological Research (MSP LTER) program brings together dozens of researchers from the University of Minnesota and beyond to study how urban stressors affect the ecological structure and functioning of urban nature, including pollinators, urban forests, urban watersheds, and lakes and streams. 

Learn about a few of the research projects led by CBS faculty, post-doctoral researchers and graduate students. Follow along as Lindsey Kemmerling, Natalia Mossmann Koch and Katie Polik study the complex relationship between people and urban environments–especially as it concerns lakes, insects, air quality and more.

To learn more about urban contaminants in the Twin Cities, check out this lead exposure map from the Minnesota Department of Public Health.

Other notes on heavy metal contaminants from the Minnesota Department of Public Health can be found here.

–Adara Taylor