Majoring in biochemistry

Our educational program emphasizes strong foundational training with a core curriculum focusing on macromolecular structure and function, metabolism, molecular biology, signal transduction, and protein biophysics. In addition, specialized course work in chemistry, physics and biology complements the undergraduate degree program and offers the student an exceptional grounding in modern biochemistry. The majority of our undergraduate students conduct one or more research projects or internships under faculty guidance as part of their degree program to gain hands-on experience in biochemistry. Undergraduate majors are prepared to enter the work force directly in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry, matriculate into graduate or professional schools, or pursue related careers in law or public policy.

What is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is an experimental science, and majors, especially those who plan to pursue graduate studies in the field, should become acquainted with laboratory research approaches beyond those introduced in the formal lab courses. Research options are available through BioC 4994, BioC 4794W and the Honors Program. Students should consult with their advisor and the CBS Career Center to plan for the research component of their program.

What do biochemists do?

Biochemists study molecules found in living organisms, particularly proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates. The major in biochemistry prepares students for graduate study in biochemistry or a related biological science, medical or veterinary school, or entry-level biochemical positions in industry. The biochemistry major differs from the chemistry major in that biochemistry emphasizes the integration of chemical principles into biological processes from molecular genetics to enzymology.

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