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Sehoya CotnerSehoya Cotner, Associate Professor
I am passionate about both biology and biology-education research. My research interests have been, and continue to be, broad in scope and mission. I’ve published papers on teaching with technology, barriers to teaching and learning evolution, and gender disparities in the sciences. I have also published articles on strategies for engaging students in large lectures, including work with the Active Learning Classrooms project at the University of Minnesota. Current work involves identifying which elements of course-based research experiences (CUREs) are key to promoting scientific literacy; identifying and countering barriers to learning science; evolution education in Galápagos; and facilitating meaningful group interactions in the large-lecture setting.


Jonathan AndicoecheaJonathan Andicoechea, Graduate Assistant
I'm working on understanding what qualities of a learning environment help students acquire the content knowledge and skills needed to be scientifically literate. More specifically, I'm interested in how social factors and collaborative learning tasks mediate learning in an undergraduate science course for non majors.


Hillary BarronHillary Barron, Graduate Assistant





Seth ThompsonSeth Thompson, Graduate Assistant

I am passionate about bringing high level science to students at a young age. I believe that students do not get nearly enough instruction on the nature and process of science at a young age and in turn this handicaps their abilities to understand how science works later in life. I am interested in designing and implementing new educational techniques to bring these concepts to younger students and to work with K-20 schools to have an impact on the way we approach science education for students of all ages.

Zoe KothZoe Koth, Undergraduate




Sergio MolinaSergio Molina, Undergraduate






Monica OsterbauerMonica Osterbauer, Undergraduate





Margaret SleethMargaret Sleeth, Undergraduate




Azariah YonasAzariah Yonas, Undergraduate