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Lab members

Current Lab Members:


Program / Position

Bridget Conley
Ruth Lee
David Hsu
Dr. Abhiney Jain
Dr. Andrew Grenfell

Current Undergraduates:

  • Khalid Abdalla
  • Irene Choi



Former Students

Degree Year
Current Position
Dr. Eric Kees PhD, MICaB 2019 Postdoc, Hamilton Lab, University of Minnesota
Maya Burroughs MS, MicE 2019 Stratix Labs Corporation, University Enterprise Labs
Dr. Anna Corts PhD, PMB 2019 Research Scientist, Joyn Bio
Dr. Ben Bonis PhD, BMBB 2018 Postdoc, Hunter Lab, University of Minnesota
Rebecca Maysonet Sánchez MS, BMBB 2017 Scientist 2, Biotechne 
Dr. Brittany Bennett PhD, MICaB 2017 Postdoc, Thrash Lab, University of Southern California
Elizabeth West MS, MicE 2016 Proteogenomics Research Institute for Systems Medicine
Dr. Aunica Kane PhD, BMBB 2015 Developmental Scientist II, Takada Pharmaceuticals
Audrey Harris MS, MicE 2014 LanzaTech
Dr. Nicholas Kotloski PhD, MICaB 2014 Meso Scale Diagnostics
Lee Robinson MS, MicE 2012 Dupont Industrial Biosciences
Dr. Dan Coursolle PhD, BMBB 2010 Cargill
Aunica Kane MS, MicE 2010 PhD Student, Gralnick Lab, University of Minnesota
Dr. Jeffrey Flynn MS, MicE 2009 3M Corporate Research Lab
Noriko Masuda MS, MicE 2009 Takara Biosciences, Japan
Eva Stähli Diploma 2008 Glycovaxan, Switzerland
Indraneel Shikhare MS, MicE 2007 Ecolab (Sugarland, Tx)
Martina Vifian Diploma 2007  

Former Postdoctoral Associates

Current Position
Dr. Steven Bowden Assistant Professor, Food Science and Nutrition, UMN
Dr. Peter Intile Executive Director Inc. / Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer
Dr. Aunica Kane Developmental Scientist II, Takada Pharmaceuticals 
Dr. James Parejko Lecturer, Gustavus Adolphus College / LocAle Brewing Company
Dr. Amin Hajimorad Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, California State University - Chico
Dr. Evan Brutinel 3M Corporate Research Lab
Dr. Zarath Summers ExxonMobil
Dr. Dan Ross National Energy Technology Laboratory
Dr. Elizabeth Covington Chief Child Psychologist and Nutritionist, Covington Family
Dr. Heidi Hau
Rebiotix (Twin Cities, MN)