Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Graduate Program

The Ecology, Evolution and Behavior (EEB) graduate program challenges students to think about biology as a systems science, where everything from the molecules that shape life to its captivating array of behaviors is woven together in an ever-evolving story. In  state-of-the-art labs on campus, Minnesota’s nearby natural and managed ecosystems, world-class field stations, and field sites across the globe, students interact with leading faculty to conduct innovative research in the fields of behavior, evolution and ecology, and at their interface with other disciplines. Embrace your curiosity, study the dynamic fluctuation and diversity of life on Earth, and transform your passions into a fulfilling profession.

EEB provides a collaborative and interdisciplinary educational experience that instills technical expertise, incisive thinking, and all the skills needed for effective scientific discourse. In the process, students gain a deep grasp of the fundamentals and exposure to a vast academic and professional network as they tailor their education towards their dream career—whether that’s in education, policy, or out in the field.

Learn + Teach + Research in the Twin Cities

The EEB Graduate Program integrates rigorous academics and innovative research into a thriving scientific community—all set in the heart of a vibrant metropolitan area. Renowned for their high quality of life, affordability, and prosperous economies, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding neighborhoods offer a vibrant spectrum of cultures, cuisines, events, and nighttime activities…not to mention our beloved lakes, rivers, and forests.

Looking to join a lab? Visit our graduate faculty directory to learn more about faculty accepting students Fall 2017.

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