Chromosome 2

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The physical map of chromosome 2 was constructed using the data from 177 probes.  Chromosome 2 contains 36 Assembly 19 sequence contigs. There are two discrepancies with the Assembly 20 contig;  one Assembly 19 contig, 19-10054, placed here between contigs 10014  and 10108, and contig 19-1776, placed here between 10125 and 10225, are not included in the BRI assembly.  Chromosome 2 is 2,231,231 bp in size.  It contains only two SfiI fragments, U and A, separated by the MRS.   The centromere is about 210 Kb to the left of the MRS on 19-10122.

There are two breaks in the otherwise continuous fosmid contig that makes up chromosome 2.  One is extremely minor and is contained within a 3 Kb region of 19-10257.  The other is contained within a 40 Kb region in 19-10125.  Both breaks are in regions of low fosmid coverage.  The position and orientation of both of these Assembly 19 contigs are supported by the optical map and Assembly 20.


This is a schematic drawings of the chromosome 2 of strain 1006. The thin lines are SfiI sites, the thick lines are MRS locations.