Chromosome 3

Click here to view the physical map.

This physical map of chromosome 3 was constructed using the data from 189 probes.  Chromosome 2 contains 18 Assembly 19 sequence contigs..  Chromosome 3 is 1,798,341 bp in size according to Assembly 20.  It is the only C. albicans chromosome without a complete copy of the MRS.  It does have one of the components of the MRS, RB2, located in 19-10236.  The centromere is in 19-10160 about 50 Kb to the left of the RB2.  Chromosome 3 has two SfiI fragments, O and P. In contrast to most of the other chromosomes, chromosome 3 is highly homozygous.

The map of chromosome 3 has the most discontinuities of any in our physical map.  The discontinuities can be broken down into four clusters of breaks.  Despite these discontinuities, we are confident of the order and orientation of these Assembly 19 contigs since all are confirmed by the optical map and Assembly 20.


This is a schematic drawings of the chromosome 3 of strain 1006. The thin lines are SfiI sites, the thick lines are MRS locations.