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A photograph of the artist Regan Golden in front of a collage she created with photographs of plants.
Regan Golden

Regan Golden’s artwork and writing explore how relationships within nature are constructed and evolve overtime. In 2011, Golden received a Long-term Ecological Research Grant in the Arts from the National Science Foundation for an artist residency and exhibition at Harvard University’s Experimental Forest. She has also received grants and fellowships from The Jerome Foundation, The Joan Mitchell Foundation in New York City, The Core Program at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and the Minnesota State Arts Board.

Golden’s large-scale photographs and collages have been exhibited in solo and group shows both nationally and internationally, including Gallery 44: Centre for Contemporary Photography in Toronto; SOO Visual Art Center in Minneapolis; The Cue Foundation in New York City, and The Flaten Art Museum in Northfield. Regan Golden is an Assistant Professor of Fine Art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

During her residency, Regan photographed the oaks and later the carnivorous plants in the CBS Conservatory’s collection, then she used those photographs as materials for collages and installations. Regan’s artist residency at the CBS Conservatory concluded in 2018, but she continues to find new ways to engage with this incredible collection of plants.


Instagram: @regangoldenmc

Oak collage
Carnivorous Plants
Photograph of art installation among carnivorous plants in a greenhouse
Scanned image of oak leaves on black background
Photograph of art installation that includes oak trees on tables and a canvas with a circle of scanned oak leave images