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The Department of Biology Teaching and Learning Data and Research Support (BTL DRS) team is responsible for administering and managing the BTL Survey, which regularly surveys non-majors in a number of introductory biology courses as well as CBS majors at select times in their CBS career. The BTL surveys contain survey items that gauge students' science confidence, identity, and attitudes, as well as additional items used for course improvement and research projects. For the purposes of course improvement or research, faculty can request survey data, student demographic data, or both from the Data and Research Support team. BTL DRS welcomes inquiries from BTL faculty members and graduate students. 

BTL Data and Research Support can help with:

  • Accessing institutional student data
  • Providing data from the BTL Survey
  • Creating data analysis reports or charts using institutional and/or BTL Survey data
  • Formal research consultation including but not limited to survey methodology, data analysis, and data management

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Current and past members

Current Members:

  • Joshua Braverman, Director 
  • Emily Harper,  Assistant Data Analyst
  • Nick Erickson, Undergraduate Data Analyst
  • Rahma Jamac, Undergraduate Data Analyst

Past Members:

  • ‪Sadie Hebert‬, Director 
  • Daniel Baltz, Data Analyst
  • Mark Jokinen, Data Analyst

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