Financial support

EEB guarantees five years of support for all Ph.D. students in good standing. Students are also encouraged and supported in seeking outside funding through extramural grants and fellowships. More information on student funding is available here.

Excellence Fellowships

Recipients of this first-year fellowship (12 months) receive a stipend of approximately $30,000, plus full tuition (14 credits) and comprehensive health insurance and dental care.

Graduate School Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

Final-year Ph.D. candidates who are making outstanding and timely progress towards their degree may be nominated by the program for an award of $25,000 for the academic year, full tuition for thesis credits, and comprehensive health and dental insurance. Students should consult with their advisors and inform the Director of Graduate Studies by early December if they wish to be nominated. The number of nominations is limited.

Funding opportunities

There are a large number of fellowships and funding opportunities available to students in the EEB Graduate Program. The ones that are most likely to be relevant for graduate students in EEB are listed below. In most cases, a web link is provided and, if known, this year's or last year's deadline is supplied. Deadlines change from year to year, so check early enough if you are interested in a particular fellowship. Students are strongly encouraged to apply to funding opportunities for which they are eligible for.

Grant applications and some fellowship applications to agencies outside the University of Minnesota that carry research funds typically need to be approved by the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA). SPA needs at least one week to process your grant, which you need to take into account to meet deadlines. Please contact your adviser and Launa Shun (, EEB grants administrator with any questions about preparation of budgets and submission of external proposals well in advance of deadlines for submission to a funding agency.

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