Genetic counseling processes result in outcomes (GC-PRO) study
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What are the goals of the GC-PRO study?   
By studying genetic counseling processes in real clinic settings, our goal is to describe efficient, quality genetic counseling care. We will work with community partners to incorporate input from understudied communities in order to ultimately improve genetic counseling services for diverse patient populations.

What happens in the GC-PRO study? 
The GC-PRO study is intended to study genetic counseling processes in real world settings by collecting audio recordings of actual genetic counseling sessions and pre and post visit surveys from participants. This research will help to define the elements of genetic counseling sessions that contribute to positive patient experiences and outcomes. 

Can I participate in the GC-PRO study? 
Patients who are 18 years or older and have been referred to genetic counseling for a family and/or personal history of hereditary cancer, cardiology condition, or reproductive/prenatal care will be eligible to participate in this study. Potential participants will be informed of the study opportunity via typical methods they communicate regarding their genetic counseling visit (e.g. MyChart message, email, telehealth).

Some things you may experience if you are a part of the GC-PRO Study
Participants will be asked to complete a short pre-visit survey. The genetic counseling visit will be audio recorded and following the appointment, participants will be sent a short, electronic post-visit survey. Upon completion of the two surveys and audio-recording, participants will be sent a $30 gift card for participation in the study. A subset of participants who opt to be recontacted will be invited to participate in interviews to discuss their survey results.

Our Story
After working in genetic counseling clinics for many years, Heather and Debi, the head researchers, questioned how impactful their communication of complicated genetic information was to patients. They are now trying to understand and learn from patients about their experiences to make genetic counseling better for all people and help people use genetic information for themselves and their families.

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  • Heather Zierhut, PhD, MS
  • Associate Professor, Director of Genetic Counseling
  • GC-PRO Researcher
  • University of Minnesota