Richard King Genetic Counseling Fund

We are very excited to announce the Richard King Genetic Counseling Fund, which will help genetic counseling students with their research and other scholarly activities. There are three separate award tracks that may be awarded; research project funding, travel funding for scholarly work, and an application to be an undergraduate research assistant. Individuals interested in applying to any of the tracks, can fill out the application form and send it in to be considered for the award. Please check the application form link before submission to ensure you have the most up-to-date materials.

If you're interested in giving to the fund and supporting the next generation of genetic counselors, you can do so here

  • Three types of funding can be distributed each year-

    1. Research funding related to Genetic Counseling Masters Scholarly Project- Maximum funding for research is $500/GC student.

      • The applicant must demonstrate that no other funding source (e.g., NSGC SIG grants) is available.

      • Funding can be used for such expenses as statistical analysis, copyrighted inventories, honoraria for participants, food for participants, incentives for participation, equipment, etc.

      • Funding cannot be used for transcription, stipends, and salary.

      • Each GC grad student is eligible to request up to $300 from the GC program for their plan B project. The Richard King research funds would be in addition to the $300 from the GC program.

    2. Travel funding- Maximum funding for travel is $500/GC student.  

      • This funding is for presentations or posters at a national or international meeting. Regional meetings may also qualify depending on the location. 

      • Statewide meetings require justification for funds. 

    3. Undergraduate Research Assistants - Maximum funding is $1500/student

      • The applicant must demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in genetic counseling with a specific emphasis in one of the available research options (these change regularly, so be sure to check back often).

      • Preference will be given to those with research experience. If you are in the Health & Genomics Minor, we request that you complete your directed studies credits first and then are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

      • Applications for Fall 2024 Undergraduate Research assistantships are due May 17th, 2024.

    • It is possible, but unlikely, that a student could receive both research and travel funds during the time they are a student for a maximum of $750.  

Pictured: Mary Ahrens, Richard King, and Bonnie LeRoy at the program graduation brunch in May 2015