Graduate Student Research Projects

2012-2021 Genetic Counseling Graduate Student Research Project Titles          

Giving Bad News: Genetic Counselors’ Experience
Anne Morrison 2012          

Old Issues in a New Wrapper?  Genetic Counselor’s Perspectives on Array-Based Technologies for Prenatal Diagnosis
Kristin Sedgwick 2012                   

Every Picture Tells a Story: Effects of Photographic Images on Perceptions and Attitudes about Genetic Conditions*
Jennifer Holle 2012             

Referral Sources for Familial Cancer Patients in Minnesota
Lindsay Swanson 2012                                

Genetic Counselors’ Experiences and Strategies for Addressing Patient Anger**
Lynn Schema 2012          

Understanding Why Patients Referred for Genetic Cancer Counseling Don’t Respond*
Judy Fan 2012                   

A Qualitative Investigation of How Families Communicate the Diagnosis of DMD to Affected Children*
Anne Dougherty 2013                                 

Ethical and Professional Challenges Encountered by Laboratory Genetic Counselors**
Dan Groepper 2013    

Genetic Counseling in South Africa: the Patient Experience*
Stephanie Goettl 2013                                     

Genetic Counseling in South Africa: the Practitioner Experience*
Emily Mayerhofer 2013

Practitioner Anxiety as a Predictor for Compassion Fatigue**
Whiwon Lee 2013 

Moving Along the Referral Line in Cancer Genetic Testing*
Rebecca Tryon 2013                    

Elevated C4 identified on newborn screening: A Chart Review*
Megan Shearouse 2014                 

Educational tools for teaching about Next Generation Sequencing
Lindsey Bade 2014                       

The Role of Laboratory Genetic Counselors in the Profession*
Christy Koellner 2014                 

Form Follows Function: A Model for Clinical Supervision Practice in Genetic Counseling**
Colleen Wherley 2014                      

Long-term outcomes of preimplantation genetic diagnosis in Fanconi anemia families**
Katrina Haude 2014

Impact of Locus of Control and Dispositional Optimism on Perceived Burden of Prader-Willi Syndrome
Melanie Danh 2014

Anticipation, Ancestry, Anxiety and Autonomy: Adoptive Parents' Views on Genetic Testing of Their Children*
Olivia Michel 2015

An Investigation of Women at High Risk for Hereditary Cancer Who Do Not Utilize Genetics Services: What Are They Communicating to Their Families?*
Shellie Kieke 2015

Analysis of Incidental Findings and Patient Preferences Regarding Return of Results in Medical Exome Sequencing**
Katie Wiens 2015

Complex Counseling Issues Regarding Cancer Panels: Genetic Counselors' Experiences Regarding Communication of Reproductive Risks Associated with Autosomal Recessive Conditions**
Sarah Bray 2015

Above and Beyond the Fiscal Horizon: An Investigation of Neurologists' Perceptions of the Value of Genetic Counselors in the Neurology Clinic*
Gemma Nelson 2015

From Projection to Empathy: Characterizing Genetic Counselors' Countertransference Experiences**
Rebecca Reeder 2015

A First Look at Psychosocial Outcomes in Adult Survivors of Fanconi Anemia: Neurocognitive, Behavioral, Emotional, Quality of Life, and Post-Traumatic Stress
Michelle Takemoto 2015

Seekers, Finders, Settlers, and Stumblers: Identifying the Career Paths of Males in the Genetic Counseling Profession**
Anthony Chen 2015

"If It Helps, It's Worth a Try": An Investigation of Perceptions and Attitudes About Genetic Counseling Among Southern Manitoba Hutterites**
Amber Gemmell 2016

Beyond Clinical Actionability: Public Perceptions of Important Actions in Response to Genetic Testing Results**
David Seiffert 2016

Flipping the Classroom and the Clinic: Interactive Genetic Counseling Modules*
Alex Cummings 2016

Who is at Risk? Recurrence Risks of Alopecia Areata and Other Associated Conditions in First-Degree Relatives**
Katie Agre 2016

State-Provided or Guaranteed Medical Foods and Special Metabolic Formulas for Treatment of Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Laura Haugo 2016

Efficacy of Antisense Oligonucleotides in Reducing Purkinje Cell Ataxin1 RNA Levels*
Hillary Handler 2016

Why is Cancer Genetic Counseling Underutilized by Women Identified as At-Risk for Hereditary Breast Cancer? Patient Perceptions of Barriers Following a Referral Letter**
Alyssa Kne 2016

Managing Couple Conflict During Prenatal Counseling Sessions: An Investigation of Genetic Counselor Experiences and Perceptions**
Kara Schoeffel 2016

Do Genetic Counselors Have a Duty to Warn? Perspectives from the Medical Ethics Community*
KT Curry 2017  

Genetics Hide or Seek: An Investigation of Monitoring and Blunting on Desire for Information in a Hypothetical Cancer Diagnosis Scenario**
Katie Plamann 2017          

Commencement is Only the Beginning: Transitional Challenges Encountered by Novice Genetic Counselors**
Divya Ramachandra 2017

Risk Communication in Families of Children with Familial Hypercholesterolemia: Identifying Barriers to Cascade Screening to Improve Diagnosis**
Elisabeth Wurtmann 2017        

Strategies Genetic Counselors Use to Supervise Students: An Extension of the Reciprocal-Engagement Model of Supervision**
Mike Suguitan 2017

Barriers to the Identification of Familial Hypercholesterolemia Among Primary Care Providers**
John Zimmerman 2017

A Qualitative Study of the Attitudes, Familiarity, and Knowledge Regarding Prenatal Genetic Counseling in Appalachian Women*
Megan Yoho 2017

An Investigation of the Relationship Between Genetic Counselors’ Cognitive Coping Styles and Perceptions of Patients’ Information Preferences
Jessa Humanski 2017

A Childhood Diagnosis of Alopecia Areata: Parental Information and Support Needs*
Alex Holcomb 2018

"Just a Little Bit Different": The Experiences of Emerging Adults At-Risk for and Living with Genetic Conditions**
Anna Shelley 2018

What Walls? Demystifying the Role of Race/Ethnicity in Genetic Counseling Supervisory Relationships*
Cheyenne Dewey 2018

Developing Culturally Informed Genetic Services for the Somali Immigrants in Minnesota**
Jerri Cheung 2018

Culturally Sensitive Genomic Result Delivery in the Hmong Population**
Kate Holzer 2018

The ABCs of Genetic Counseling Clinical Education: PBCs and RIME
Kelly Stedman 2018

A Roadmap to Recruitment for Precision Medicine Research**
Kelsey Moriarty 2018

Searching for Diseases Associated with Genes Commonly Tested for on Cardiovascular, Pain, and Psychological Pharmacogenetic Panels*
Tom Felton and Rachel Saunders 2018

It's How You Say It: Genetic Counselor and Proxy Patients' Perception of Skillfulness**
Veronica Greve 2018

An Investigation of Genetic Counseling Student Demographics and How They Have Evolved**
Andrea Stoddard 2019

I'm Sorry: A Qualitative Look at Genetic Counselor Use of Self-Involving Responses in a Clinical Setting*
Iman Kashmola-Perez 2019

A Quantitative Investigation of Support Needs of Parents with a Child Diagnosed with Alopecia Areata*
Dayna Cohen 2019

Development of a Motivational Interviewing Genetic Counseling Intervention to Increase Cascade Cholesterol Screening in Families of Children with Familial Hypercholesterolemia**
Valerie Kruger 2019

New Form for your Newborn: Investigating the Public's Comprehension of and Preference for Newborn Screening Report Formats
Katherine Schroepfer 2019

Finding the Haystack: A Screening Model for Identification of Individuals with Familial Hypercholesterolemia in the United States*
Dana Miller 2019

Differences in Views and Attitudes Among People of Different Ethnicities Toward Precision Medicine Research: A Systematic Review**
Elena Fisher 2019

Content Analysis of Research Articles in the Journal of Genetic Counseling: A Multi-Year Perspective
Alexandra Wallgren 2019

Use of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing by Adult Adoptees**
Heewon Lee 2019

"It is in God's Hands": An Empirical Investigation of Genetic Counselors' Responses to Patient Statements About Their Religious/Spiritual Beliefs During Counseling Sessions*
Alina Sitaula 2019

Bayes for Days: Development of a Risk Assessment Tool for Genetic Counselors
Grace Bronken 2020

The Lived and Professional Experiences of Genetic Counselors with Disabilities
Kahlen Darr 2020

Proxy Patients' Perceptions of Genetic Counselors' Empathy Responses
Jennine Deckert 2020

Spanish Language Concordance in Genetic Counseling Sessions: Counselor Experiences and Perceptions of the Effects on Processes and Outcomes
Amanda de Leon 2020

Laboratory Genetic Counselors' Motivations for Choosing and Practicing in this Specialty: A Qualitative Investigation
Maribeth Golm 2020

Intrapersonal and Demographic Predictors of Compassion Fatigue in Genetic Counselors: A Multiple Variable Investigation
Jimena Prado Hernandez 2020

Genetic Counseling Strategies and Processes to Improve Genetic Counseling for the Underrepresented Population: A Systematic Review
Mrunmayee Shete 2020

Anger, Fear, and Sadness: Difference in Genetic Counseling Student Responses to Intense Patient Affect
Rachel Simon 2020

The Head and the Heart: Primary Care Providers and Pediatric Cholesterol Screening
Jenna Soukup 2020

Applying Motivational Interviewing Strategies in Genetic Counseling to Increase Risk Communication for Parents of Children with Familial Hypercholesterolemia
Bridget Winchester 2020

Genomics in Healthcare: A Series of Asynchronous Continuing Education Modules for Primary Care Providers
Nicole Cronin 2021

Reasons for Asymptomatic Patient Decline of Predictive Genomic Testing
DeVon Hunter-Schlichting 2021

Extending the Reciprocal-Engagement Model of Genetic Counseling Practice: An Observational Study of Counselor Behaviors During Simulated Genetic Counseling Sessions
Amelia Richardson 2021

Advocacy Experiences as an Admissions Criteria for Genetic Counseling Programs
Alexis Dammann 2021

Parents' Reactions to Hypothetical CCMV Results on Newborn Screening
Greg Marsh 2021

Identifying the Emotional and Social Support Needs of Adolescents with Alopecia Areata
Samera Al-Najjar 2021

Perceptions and Utilization of Genetic Information in the Intended Parent Experience of Oocyte Donor Selection
Carolyn Kalscheur 2021

A Statewide Familial Hypercholesterolemia Meeting and Perspectives on Population Screening
Carly Allen-Tice 2021

Self-Efficacy and Genetic Counseling Clinical Supervisor Power Dynamics
Seth Stafki 2021

Time to Diagnosis of Genetic Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy
Jessica Ruedy 2021

Exploration of the Experiences of BIPOC GC Candidates Who Take the ABGC Certification Exam
Alexandra Tsai 2022

Examining the Strategies Genetic Counseling Supervisors Use When Working with Anxious Supervisees
Alisha D'souza 2022

Professional Development Milestones and Trajectories of Laboratory Genetic Counselors
Andrea Jarratt 2022

Genetic Etiologies and Diagnostic Methods for Congenital Hydrocephalus: A Scoping Review
Caroline Aragón 2022

Moving To the Other Chair: How Being a Supervisee Impacts Being a Supervisor
Caroline Brown 2022

Exploration of Support for BIPOC Students in Genetic Counseling Programs
Dhriti Jagannathan 2022

The Emerging Adulthood Experience of Individuals Living with Phenylketonuria
Greta Henry 2022

A Parallel Process for Addressing Student Support Needs in Genetic Counseling Programs
McKayla Gourneau 2022

Parental Request for Familial Carrier Testing in Early Childhood: The Genetic Counseling Perspective
Sabrina Southwick 2022

Results of Genetic Testing Are Suggestive of Non-Paternity, Now What? A Qualitative Study on the Incidental Finding of Non-Parentage
Stephen Hays 2022

Proxy Patients' Preference of Genetic Counselor's Responses to Religious or Spiritual Statements Made by Patients
Susan Schowalter 2022

Validating a Genetic Counseling Skills Checklist: A Qualitative Description of Differences Between Pre-Testing and Post-Testing Cardiology Genetic Counseling Sessions
Tanner Scott 2022


* Accepted for platform or poster presentation at the National Society of Genetic Counselors Annual Education Conference

** Paper published in peer-reviewed journal