About the Robotic System

Rigaku's CrystalMation is a fully integrated platform for protein crystallization, automating every step from custom screen making to crystallization trial imaging and analysis. CrystalMation, consisting of crystallization screen creation, plate setup, reservoir and protein dispense, plate storage and handling, image inspection and scoring, one-click optimization and software applications for experiment management, streamlines the crystallization process and offers life science researchers a complete solution from protein to crystal.The CrystalMation System is composed of 4 major components:

(1) Alchemist II Screen Maker (automaticall

y makes solutions for crystallization experiments using up to 72 stock solutions).





(2) Phoenix RE (sets up the crystallization experiment in 96 well plates using volumes down to 100 nL)The Phoenix RE can set up a plate in under 3 minute. Thus in an 8 hr day, the Phoenix RE can set up 160 plates (800 plates in a work week).




(3) Minstrel HT Imager (automatically images crystallization plates (about 6 min/plate using light and UV radiation)

using a user defined schedule) with (4) 2 Gallery 700 incubators (stores crystallization plates at 2 temperatures). The Minstrel HT can image 10 plates/hr. Since plate reading can be done 24/7 this equals 240 plates/day (1680 plates/week). Each Gallery 700 system holds 496 plates.

The complete CrystalMation systems can be configured to meet a wide range of requirements since each of the workstations is available as a stand-alone instrument or in combination with other components. All of the components work together. For more information you may go to the Rigaku CrystalMation Site

The system is run by the CrystalTrak software package which seamlessly integrates crystallization data and automation, such as liquid handling and imaging systems, into a complete end-to-end solution. The entire process is controlled and all the components work together, CrysTrak keeps a database which tracks all the experiments and aids in designing new ones based on previous results. More information is available at CrystalTrakSoftware.