Submitting a Sample

Several factors must be controlled when submitting a sample to the robot:

1. The protein sample cannot be viscous.

2. The sample cannot contain more than 20% glycerol.

3. Absolutely no particulates in the sample. We ask that all samples be filtered through 0.2 um filter. If this is not possible then particulates may be removed by a couple of hard spins in a microfuge. The needles and lines used by the system are very fine and easily plugged. If your sample plugs up the system and we can't fix it, then you will pay for the service call. Be careful!!

4. Be sure your sample will not precipitate in the buffer supplied with it. This will of course plug up the system.

5. There is a 10 uL dead volume and additional sample is drawn-up when pipetting. You will need to supply more sample (which will be returned to you) than is needed for the actual drops to be made in the experiment. The more viscous a solutions is the more sample will be needed. A minimum of 60 uL for 40 uL of protein sample to be placed in drops will be required for a non viscous sample. If the robot tries to pull up sample and the tube is empty, it takes in air which causes problems and a possible repair bill.

6. The smallest drop size we recommend is 40 nL.

7. Please fill out the Sample Submission Form for each protein sample.