Safety Procedures

General Emergency Procedure

  1. Notify everyone around you
  2. Call 911.
    • If Minneapolis 911 answers, say "University of Minnesota, please."
    • Chemicals, biologicals or radioactives during business hours, also call DEHS 6-6002.
  3. First Aid if necessary
  4. Evacuate if necessary

Non-emergency injuries: Go to Boynton. If closed, Fairview University emergency room.

Chemical Spill
  1. Notify others nearby and evacuate
  2. Close doors and prevent people from entering area
  3. During working hours call DEHS 6-6002; after working hours, call 911.
    • If Minneapolis 911 answers, say "University of Minnesota, please."
    • Give them:
      • Your name
      • Your phone number
      • Your location
      • The name of the material spilled
      • The amount of material spilled
  4. Stay by the phone.
  5. Call Dave Okita 4-7107 and NHH front desk 6-0911 
  6. (after hours, call Dave Okita at 651-592-6755 and Cheryl Miller at 651-769-4664)
  7. Block off area until emergency personnel arrive
Lookup: MSDS at Google or DEHS MSDS; Chemical waste at DEHS database
RBMS Building Coordinators

Between the hours of 5pm and 7:30am call the On Call Building Coordinator cell number: 763-760-4794

If the on call building coordinator does not respond after 20 minutes, call Cheryl Miller, Operations Manager, cell: 651-769-4664