Facilities and techniques overview

Research Facilities

Biophysical Technology Center
  • Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)
    • Steady-state (continuous wave X-band)
    • Time-resolved (pulsed X-band, DEER)
  • Fluorescence and Luminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET and LRET)
    • Steady-state (Eclipse, Gemini)
    • Time-resolved (Direct Waveform Recording, Single Photon Counting, DWR Fluorescence Lifetime Plate Reader)
  • Time-resolved Phosphorescence Anisotropy (TPA)
  •  Drug discovery
    • Liquid dispensers
    • Compound libraries (1, 3 and 50k) in 384 and 1536well plates
    • Consulting on FRET-based biosensor design
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility


Enzyme Kinetics
  • ATPase assays
  • Muscle mechanics 
  • Effects of aging, muscular dystrophy
Protein Engineering
  • Molecular Biology:
    • Site-directed mutagenesis
    • site-directed labeling
    • fluorescent fusion proteins
  • Cell culture: bacteria, Dictyostelium, insect, yeast, mammalian