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  • Full-day field trips — $330 for a "classroom" of approximately 30 students and at least one teacher/adult chaperone
  • Half-day programs — $210 per “classroom”

These fees cover the cost of a trained naturalist to guide and teach your group throughout the day, and provide access for your group to areas of the property not open to the public. If this cost is prohibitive for your school, please get in touch with Kara (baldwink@umn.edu) - we are happy to work with you to subsidize the cost of your visit! 

Fees for other types of programs or services are available here.

Minimum/maximum students

Minimum 5 students/program. Maximum is ~30 students per group and 4 groups (~120 students) per day for all programs. Your field trip fee covers the cost of a naturalist to lead your group through your visit – thus, program fees are assessed on a per group basis rather than a per student basis and you will be charged the full group amount even if you bring fewer than 30 students.


At least one chaperone (preferably teacher, though non-teacher adult/parent is acceptable) is required for each group of up to ~30 students. Paras and nurses accompanying specific students do not count towards this minimum. We rely on chaperones to assist with group management and behavior issues as they arise so that our naturalists can focus on delivering your program!


Scholarships and subsidies are available to schools that cannot afford field trip fees. To apply, contact Kara (baldwink@umn.edu or 612-301-2602).

Billing policy

An invoice will be issued from the University of Minnesota for your trip at the beginning of the season (April for spring field trips, June for summer field trips, September for fall field trips and December for winter field trips). It can be paid by check or credit card within 30 days. We do not accept cash or other payments onsite on your field trip day unless prior arrangements have been made.

Cancellation policy

Programs are held rain or shine. If there is rain in the forecast, make sure your students are prepared to be outside in it! In extreme weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel programs for your safety and will work with you to reschedule. You will not be charged a cancellation fee under these circumstances. However, you will be charged for the full amount of your program if you cancel less than 14 days in advance or if you do not show up or contact us within 30 mins of your scheduled arrival time.) COVID UPDATE: if a program needs to be cancelled because of changes in public health guidelines or policies at your school or at the University of Minnesota, or if the weather forecast means we will need to spend the majority of your program indoors, you will not be charged a cancellation fee. We will work to reschedule where possible and appropriate.


The majority of the programs offered at Cedar Creek can be modified to accommodate participants with special needs. We ask that you share pertinent information with a minimum of two weeks notice about any students that have any special needs (particular educational requirements resulting from learning difficulties, physical disability, or emotional and behavioral difficulties). This information enables us to make the necessary modifications needed to meet the needs of your group and to arrange your schedule so that all your students have a straightforward and positive experience.