Past Artists in Residence

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Past Artists in Residence

Visual Arts

Alyssa Baguss (2021)

Slow Data Transmission - postcard project

Vera Ming Wong (2019)

Currently untitled - cut paper

Cheri Stockinger (2019)

Areca Roe (2019)


Laboratory - photographs

Transects - 360° video

Doug Becker (2018-2019)

Art Glass Birds - glassblowing

Frank Meuschke (2018)

Intersection 53 - photography

Glenn Terry (2012-2017)

100 and More Views of Cedar Creek - painting

Jill Johnson (2011)

Ordinary Vikings - mask-making

Don Luce (2022-2023)

Performing and Experiential Arts

Sarina Partridge (2020-2021)

Diane Willow, Maja Radonvalija and Scott Currie (2013)

Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad (2012)

Emily Dzieweczynski

Feeling Data - visualizing datasets

Literary Arts

Brian Baumgart (2018)

Linda Buturian (2011)

Gretel Van Wieren (2022-2023)

Previous artists at the CBS Conservatory

Regan Golden: oak leaf photography

Juliane Shibata: ceramic sculpture among the plant displays

Ursula Hargens: ceramic wall-mounted pieces

Jodi Reeb: large outdoor sculpture