Areca Roe
Headshot of Areca Roe

Areca Roe is an artist based in Mankato and Minneapolis, Minnesota. She works in many media; primarily photography as well as video, sculpture, and installation. A recurrent theme in her work is the interface between the natural and human domains. She currently teaches photography Minnesota State University, Mankato. Areca received her MFA in Studio Arts, with an emphasis on photography, from University of Minnesota in 2011. She’s a member of Rosalux Gallery, an artist collective in Minneapolis.

Areca worked on two distinct projects at Cedar Creek during her residency. One is a series of portraits, tentatively titled Laboratory, that capture Cedar Creek's staff and early-career scientists in their favorite areas of the reserve. The second is a set of 360° videos titled Transects that provide a new perspective on scientific infrastructure and tools at Cedar Creek.

April Strzelczyk in field at Cedar Creek
Janine Mistrick in field at Cedar Creek
Cristy Portales-Reyes seated in a chair in field at Cedar Creek
researcher lying on a pillow on the ground under trees
researcher sitting on a blanket under oak trees
researcher sitting on a fabric-covered log in the forest