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Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve

Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve is synonymous with ecosystem ecology and for good reason.

Going back to the 1940s with Raymond Lindeman's field-shaping insights to the present-day work of top ecologists David Tilman, Peter Reich, Sarah Hobbie, and others, Cedar Creek continues to play a critical role in advancing our understanding of how we are affecting the environment and how we might protect it. 

The unique convergence of Minnesota biomes and the world-famous long-term research happening make Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve a place unlike any other. It's why researchers and graduate students come here from around the world — and keep coming back. Cedar Creek also offers the public a unique opportunity to both learn about and experience these ecosystems first hand. Each year, thousands of children have their first hands-on encounter with ecology here. 

Be part of this incredible legacy.



The Flory Cedar Creek Collaboration Fund (8086) supports ecological research that discovers sustainable solutions to environmental challenges, including training young researchers.

Education & Outreach

The Cedar Creek Fund (6138) primarily supports education and outreach programs for students and visitors, including supporting K-12 field trips.


The Cedar Creek Conservation Fund (21854) will be used to protect and restore both the species and the ecosystems of Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve. 

Capital Improvements

The Capital Improvements Fund (7442) supports the development of infrastructure on-site, including creating a new Minnesota Ecology Walk that will be open to the public.

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