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Van Ness, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
Genetics, Cell Biology and Development

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Research interests

The research in the Van Ness lab is directed at defining genetic deregulation that contributes to lymphoid malignancies, particularly multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma results from plasma cell expansion in the bone marrow, and unfortunately is very hard to treat. This difficulty comes in part from the variability in genetic and signaling pathways that are deregulated in the plasma cells as well as the cells in the bone marrow microenvironment. The lab is developing cell line models to explore how different genes can influence disease progression and therapeutic response, then applying these results to analysis of patient samples. The goal is to develop gene expression signatures for each tumor that predicts response to a variety of drugs used in treatment of the disease. The lab has been developing single cell analyses to identify sub-populations within tumors that may resist therapy and contribute to relapse. The Van Ness lab is also working on novel therapeutic approaches involving epigenetic modulation to promote therapeutic response. The ultimate goal is to contribute to genetic characterization of patients that will direct individualized therapy.

Van Ness is serving as Chair of the National Cancer Institute sponsored Drug Resistance and Sensitivity Network (DRSN), a multi-institutional research program.

Selected publications

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Ph.D.: University of Minnesota, 1979