Postdoctoral Associate
Ecology, Evolution and Behavior

Research statement

My research is motivated by the needs to conserve biodiversity, address issues of social inequity, and restore natural habitat. My past work measured how biodiversity and ecosystem services respond to conservation management in agricultural landscapes. My current work addresses why species vary in their tolerance to pollutants in urban environments.

Selected publications

Kemmerling, L. R., C. E. Rutkoski, S. E. Evans, J. A. Helms IV, E. Cordova-Ortiz, J. D. Smith, J. A. Vázquez Custodio*, C. Vizza, & N. M. Haddad (2022). Prairie strips and crop management practices for biodiversity and ecosystem services. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Kemmerling, L. R., S. R. Griffin, & N. M. Haddad (2021). Optimizing pollinator conservation and crop yield among perennial bioenergy crops. Global Change Biology Bioenergy

Education and background
  • Ph.D Michigan State University - 2022
  • B.S. Michigan State University - 2016