Program departure

On occasion, you may decide that it is in your best interest to withdraw from your graduate program. Before withdrawing, you should speak first with your advisor, Director of Graduate Studies, or Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) about the following alternative options:

If you decide that withdrawal is your best option, complete the following steps:

  1. Internal and external funding—Check with your Graduate Program Coordinator.
  2. Health benefits—Speak with the Office of Student Health Benefits to determine your status.
  3. Loan deferrals—Speak with One Stop Student Services if you have current or previous loans on deferral.
  4. Visa status—International students must consult with International Student & Scholar Services.
  5. Registration—You must withdraw from your current and future courses.

If at a later date, you would like to apply for readmission into your existing program or a new program, speak with the Graduate Program Coordinator of your original program. Readmission is not guaranteed. If readmitted, conditions may be placed on readmission including, but not restricted to, a different advisor, a different or no funding package, additional coursework, and/or expectations for academic progress.

Decision to withdraw

If you do decide to withdraw from your graduate program, please fill out and sign the Program Departure Request Form and email it to your Graduate Program Coordinator. The GPC will forward the completed form to the CBS Graduate Programs College Coordinator and then to Graduate Student Services & Progress (GSSP) and CBS Human Resources.