Research brief: Exploring extremes in the search for life on Mars

CBS researchers study how the unique geochemical environment on Mars could shape life in the past or present.

What stem cells could teach us about schizophrenia

Stephanie Santarriaga utilizes emerging technologies to examine the cellular biology of mental illness.

Making the case for inclusion

A recent commentary charts a course for acknowledging past wrongs and addressing present obstacles for transgender scientists.

Finding a visible variant

PingHsun Hsieh looks to structural variants to find potential observable trait differences in the genome.

From regeneration to final destination

The route damaged nerves take or don’t take after injury drives Adam Isabella’s inquiry.

Capturing the crossover

Lexy von Diezmann uses C. elegans to better understand genetic exchange during meiosis.

From populations to predictive models

Arslan Zaidi takes a computational and evolutionary approach to understanding genetics and disease.

Metabolism detective

How metabolic pathways change with time and circumstances fascinate Jason Tennessen.

Rewarding teaching excellence

Genetics, Cell Biology and Development faculty named among college’s best by CBS undergraduates.

A legacy of learning

Jan Norrander retired this fall after decades of service as a faculty member in Genetics, Cell Biology and Development.