Research brief: Protein engineers navigate toward more targeted therapeutics

Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan, Fred Sadler and colleagues uncovered a point to a more targeted approach to drug discovery.

Getting to the bottom of spine cancer

Yasuhiko Kawakami and colleagues aim to better understand the disease and open the door to new and more effective treatments.

Pushing new boundaries

MCDB&G postdoctoral associate Miles Smith looks toward a future in the growing field of gene therapy.

On a personal note

Heewon Lee finds a new career and personal connections through genetic counseling.

The science of managing scientists

CBS alumna Courtney Coombes works to advance research efforts through administrative work.

An educational advocate

David Matthes steps in as director of undergraduate studies for the genetics, cell biology and development major.

Formin connections to human health

GCD associate professor Naomi Courtemanche uses her background in biophysics to explore how formins relate to health and disease.

Lining up answers to an age-old mystery

Maureen Cetera aims understand how cells coordinate in developing organisms.

Making cancer treatment more personal

GCD Professor Brian Van Ness has spent his career moving us toward more individualized cancer treatment based on genetics.

From Lab to Life

Novel gene therapy approach restores immunity in severely immune deficient children.